Bad day

Deep breath. Out slow. Peace. Have a great day.



Capital on fire

On 420, pot heads and weed enthusiasts alike gathered on the steps of the Capital of Colorado to celebrate the 420 party held this year for the first time outside Amsterdam.


Exactly at 4:20pm on April 20th, 2013, blunts, bongs, and joints were lit up, thousands of people blew their smoke up into the air, and the amount of smoke rising from the surrounding area made it look like the place was in flames.
In recognition of Amendment 64 being passed this year in Colorado, Johnny Law looked the other way as we celebrated our right to use marijuana medicinally and recreationally for the first time under law.
Happy 420!!

DIA Blue Mustang

This statue was donated to Denver International Airport by the parents of the Artist Luis Jiménez, who died in his studio on June 13, 2006. A large section of the Blue Mustang fell on him, severing an artery in his leg, and he died shortly after. His parents had to finish the statue, before mounting it at the airport.


Why they decided it had to have blazing red eyes, I have no idea.